Jobs and Careers in Australia

Jobs in Australia

There are great opportunities for graduates and highly skilled professionals to work in Australia. The diversity of career and lifestyle opportunities available range from the major capital and regional cities, to smaller towns in more remote locations, providing exposure to a wide spectrum of experiences.
There is one thing that is very important to realise about Australia; it is very big. In fact, all of Europe including the United Kingdom comfortably fits into the mainland with plenty of land to spare. To travel from the easternmost point of Australia, Cape Byron in New South Wales, to the westernmost point of Australia, Steep Point in Western Australia, you would have to travel 4100 kilometres (2548 miles). To travel from the northernmost point of the country, Cape York in Queensland, to the southernmost point of the Australian mainland, Wilson's Promontory in Victoria, you would have to travel 3180kilometres (1976 miles). Overall, the country covers an area of about 7 682 300 square kilometres (2 966 152 square miles).


The one word you hear most often when somebody speaks of Australia is 'relaxed'. Australians are generally considered very friendly and helpful people, with a great sense of humor and a natural ability to tell jokes and play with words.
Australians, and those who come to either visit or stay, enjoy a lifestyle that is very outdoors orientated with a strong beach culture, which is one of the great by-products of Australia's climate, with more than their fair share of sunshine and warm to hot days. The other by-product of the weather is Australia's love of sport.
Whatever lifestyle or climate you are seeking, the chances are you will be able to find it in Australia.

In Demand

To continue to power the growth of this great country, occupations in demand include graduates and highly skilled workers across a wide spectrum of industries including:
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Mining Resources and Energy
  • Information Technology
  • Construction

Useful Links

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
Australian Government department website that provides information for people wanting to visit, work, study or live in Australia.
You can view the latest jobs available in Australia on Careers.Global below.


Jobs in Australia

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