Jobs and Careers in India

Jobs and Careers in India

Few places compare in scale to the world’s second-most populous state, and the sheer size and sensory richness can be overwhelming.
The biggest sector employers in India are textiles and agriculture, but most opportunities for graduates and highly skilled professionals come from areas like IT, financial services, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. 
Overall, India provides a welcome mixture of high quality living, adventure and cultural exploration, making it a destination with much to offer.


India is a spell-binding country where people of unlike communities and religions live together in oneness. India is a very culturally diverse country. People speak hundreds of different languages (18 major languages, with English and Hindi as the official languages). But the beauty lies in the fact that despite all the differences, people live with full harmony and love depicting their varied cultures, traditions and dressing styles. 
It is impossible to write about life in India in general terms. With so many different cultures spread across large and over-populated cities, to sometimes impoverished rural areas, the key word is diversity.

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Jobs in India

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