Jobs and Careers in United Kingdom (UK)

Jobs and Careers in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been, and remains, a popular place to work.
Throughout history, the United Kingdom has been an attractive destination for immigrants and expats. In the past, the country’s diverse economy, liberal immigration policies and links with the commonwealth played a significant role in creating the dynamic ethnic tapestry seen in the UK today. However, over time the UK’s immigration requirements have become tighter, and now it is generally expats with more specialist skills that are in demand.
Sectors of the UK economy which are growing in strength include IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, energy, oil and gas, as well as construction. Graduate and highly skilled professionals with experience and sought-after skills in these sectors will find that there is plenty of scope for career progression in Britain.


With a cosmopolitan population of over 65 million , and a relatively small land area of just 243,000 sq km, nothing is ever too far away in this ancient land full of history. 
Its overall population density is one of the highest in the world. Almost one-third of the population lives in England's prosperous and fertile southeast and is predominantly urban and suburban--with about 8 million in the capital of London, which remains the largest city in Europe.
The United Kingdom is ethnically diverse, both as a result of its history and the reach of what was the British Empire, and as a result of its membership and proximity to Europe.
Britain was the world's first industrialised country. Its economy remains one of the largest, but it has for many years been based on service industries rather than on manufacturing. Despite being a major member of the EU, the country is not part of the euro zone, with the currency remaining the British Pound.

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